What is poorich?

Poorich is a brand that I, Majeed, created during a low time in my life. The point of the name/brand is to highlight certain inconsistencies that exist in this society when it comes to the middle class. "The middle class doesn't exist" is the phrase that defines POORICH in its entirety. As you can see in the spelling POOR & RICH share the same R, reiterating it's definition that there isn't anything in the middle of poor and rich. You have the rich, the 1%, and then there is the rest of us. Middle class is a fabrication to give you an illusion on your position in this society. Statistically and financially speaking, the fact remains. The residual effect of such fabrications causes mass amounts of people to enter a state of confusion when it comes to where or who they want to be in life. In my 20s all I see are my peers questioning their own purpose in life and for some, the answers are either cloudy or non existent. Through colorful looking garments and a vibrant social media presence, my goal is to bring the essence of what POORICH means to the forefront of conversations between us. For my people that have no idea of what they want to do tomorrow, what their passion is, or what their true purpose is because of systematic principles leading to the blocking of "Self-Mastery", POORICH is for you.